wonder why...
you were born into a world
with endless opportunities?

imagine if...
you had a life with no choice,
opportunities, love or hope.

wonder why...
you're lucky enough to have
a family to provide for you?

imagine if...
you were abandoned because
your parents couldn't afford
to keep you.

wonder why...
you are so fortunate to have
many people who love you?

imagine if...
you were forced to live on your
own at age 16 with no skills,
education or a place to sleep.

Did you know?

There are over 700,000 orphans in Russia. Each year 15,000 children leave the orphanage as a requirement by reaching the age of 16 or by running away. Of these:

our mission:

Orphan Advocates International (OAI) is a 501c3 volunteer based non-profit organization created to assist children living in orphanages through humanitarian aid, medical treatment, education, and post orphanage support.

Girl Drawing

our commitment:

Giving opportunities to orphans to learn and to provide life skills so that they have a better chance when they leave the orphanage.

Making sure each child in the orphanages we support has their basic needs met.

Understanding the needs of each orphanage and doing our best to help fulfill needs.

Making sure each of the orphans know that there is someone in this world that cares for them.

Providing a means for extra-curricular activities which help develop better attitudes towards leaning and reducing aggressive behavior.

Mentoring and supporting the oprhans after they are forced to leave the orphanage.