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What best one can get when the most valuable scholastic work is freely accessible and which in turn helps furthering the research. Open-Access which facilitates free and unrestricted access to the data for everyone to read and download has proved to be one of the best platforms for improved knowledge creation and sharing in recent times.

We at OA international, believe that open access is well aligned with the goals of science, and aim to bring about a change in modern scholarly communications. And also eliminates the barriers associated with the older publication models.

By adopting/promoting the Open-Access platform can benefit

Authors: who can retain the copyright of their work under "Creative Common Attribution License". Articles can be reused or redistributed by the authors without restriction unless the original work is correctly cited. Also, helps in immediate visibility

Research Scholars: Easy availability of literature across the globe with zero cost.

Libraries/Institutions/Societies: Increased access to the target audience, financially a more attractive model than the current subscription-based model.

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